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 Yep, it's 2:43 in the morning. Definitely can't sleep.


Sep. 30th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Is anyone else getting a google or Chrome warning every time they try to access the LJ site?
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 Hello good people of Massachusetts!

What can I help you with? 
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 My writing is the seduction musk distilled from the tears of the ghost poets of Dimension Z. *

*Note: Inhaling seduction musk may cause blindness, death, or sleep cancer.

I get back to most of my replies and comments at night because it's the time I find I can focus the most and put together proper sentences if not properly spelled sentences. Yes, I know my sentences look like they were constructed by an overachieving 2nd grader. I am fine with this. One would think that anyone as addicted to reading and as prolific as I've been lately wouldn't have much of an issue stringing together proper sentences but it wasn't always like this. I need to keep myself busy, it's why I need a job even though my bookstore is keeping me afloat, it's why I need to stop reading and watch movies. Without these pauses in the routine and in some cases, the tedium, I find myself not living but rather just being, as if my body were on autopilot and it didn't really matter much what I wanted to do. I will start a conversation on IRC and just forget it's gong on, I don't savor the small things happening everyday around me because these little facts just slide off the lighted path of my mind and flow into the pure pitch blackness of neglect. The gym has been helping me with my focus and all the physical pain keeps me grounded. I think tomorrow, I'm going to start writing earlier then 5 in the morning (Time flys when you're doing something tiring and cathartic) and I think I'm going to focus on looking forward in that one. Please don't inhale the seduction musk...I can't afford the lawsuits.


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